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Where the new mythology IS the old mythology!

Please have patience with the site as I get things up and running. :) In the meantime, enjoy the pretty and share it with your friends!

Muse: the Hero Next Door is a superhero/adventure/romance graphic novel that I hope you’ll love as much as I do! So as not to spoil anything, more will appear on this page as the story progresses. Wait and see!

About Brittany: I studied illustration at Brigham Young University and currently work full-time as a technical artist at a crafting company. I started drawing seriously in middle school because of X-Men, so superhero stories are always near and dear to me. I also have a fascination for history and other cultures, and the two passions combined a few years ago to produce a seed of an idea for Muse.

You can see more of my art at my main website, Studio Illustar, and my deviantArt page.




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